FSR ET – about us

Are you studying electrical engineering, mechatronics, information system engineering, renewable energy systems or nanoelectronic systems? Then you are automatically a member of the Fachschaft Elektrotechnik!

(The student body of the faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

And we – the Fachschaftsrat Elektrotechnik – are your representatives.

FSR Gruppenbild

Where to meet us: BAR 165

When to meet us: Office hours here.

How to contact us: fsret@fsret.de

Weekly meetings: Tuesdays, 6.30pm – 8.00pm, room BAR 175

Who we are:


Once a year 15 representatives from the Fachschaft Elektrotechnik are elected. All members of the Fachschaft ET are allowed to vote. So are you! Those 15 elected members and some volunteers form the so-called Fachschaftsrat Elektrotechnik. Short: FSR ET.

Whenever there is a problem – big or small – don’t hestitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

Learn more about us here.

What we do:

  • improve teaching and learning
  • lobby for student’s interests
  • delegate representatives to Studienkommission (Stuko), Prüfungsausschus, StuRA
  • organize the freshers‘ week (=ESE)
  • organize parties (christmas party (=WeiFei), ETEFETE)
  • spread important information
  • student’s magazine (BARNews)
  • finance student’s projects
  • T-Shirts with the logo of our faculty
  • collect old examinations
  • answer questions of our fellow students
  • help students who get lost in the Barkhausenbau 🙂

How to participate:

Everybody willing to help with the activities mentioned above is welcomed. If you have your own ideas don’t miss to join us and get things started!

Want to know more about student participation? Click here!